Hands on – Sartory Billard SB-02

Sartory-Billard is not a new brand, the SB02 is their second release as the name suggests, the RPM01 was a popular model when it was released.

A custom special order watch for a customer

This order was a special order for a customer that contacted me looking for a unique watch. We spent a week or so designing the dial between us back and forth through email and messenger. Once the design was finalised the design file for the dial went off for manufacture. The factory did an excellent…

The Astrohelm from Advisor watches has a few days left on kickstarter

The Astrohelm is a watch that is a tribute to the heritage of watches in a couple of ways. Firstly the California Dial (Cali) has been around since the 1930’s, secondly the case design style sits firmly in the same time frame between 1936 – 1940 with the Italian designed Radomir 1940