The Astrohelm from Advisor watches has a few days left on kickstarter

The Astrohelm is a watch that is a tribute to the heritage of watches in a couple of ways. Firstly the California Dial (Cali) has been around since the 1930’s, secondly the case design style sits firmly in the same time frame between 1936 – 1940 with the Italian designed Radomir 1940. You can read about how the design developed on the Panerai site historical timeline. CLICK HERE (direct quote below)

The Royal Navy’s requirements become even more specific: the watches have to remain underwater in extreme conditions for long periods. Therefore, their resistance to extreme tension must also be guaranteed. The lugs are reinforced to meet these needs and made from the same block of steel as the case for better underwater resistance. Some of today’s models bearing the “Radiomir 1940” name have a cushion-shaped case made with edges that are more pronounced on the sides, a general reshaping of the individual parts and a cylindrical, tubular rather than conical, winding crown.


This Astrohelm comes in 2 main model categories with sub choices, the main choices are “Quartz” or “Automatic”, The automatic is a 3 hand design. The colour options are all available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

AstroHelm Models v1

This is what owner Andy had to say when we spoke…..

Where did your passion for watches develop?

It started with an automatic watch I received as a Christmas present in 2012. The sweeping hands and the super bright lume just amazed me. From there on, watch forums and blogs are frequent places where I read up about watches and build up my knowledge.

What was the first watch that you owned and loved? Do you still have it?

My first watch is a Titus running on ronda swiss quartz movement and I’m currently still wearing it after 13 years. It was given to me by my wife to be.


What is your brief history before watches?

I am working as a technical business development manager with strong interest in world economies, financial markets, startups, crowdsourcing, ecommerce and technologies.

Why did you start producing watches?

From collecting watches as an hobby, it turns into a micro watch trading business. Through my interaction with my customers, many turn friends, there is a market gap in terms of what the watch brands out there are able to offer and what a average person could pay for. Therefore, my aim is to create unique and quality timepieces to the market at an affortable price without compromising on the design.


Why the Miyota quartz & Seiko NH35 movement?

In our latest collection, we offer type of movements, both are proven, affordable and reliable.

What is you warranty arrangement?

We offer 1 year warranty on our watches.

What response have you had from the watch community?

We have a pretty positive feedback from both our supporters and the community. The current watch scene are very receptive to micro watch brands and we are really fortunate and happy to be part of it.


How have you found the journey of setting up your own brand?

It has been tough ride yet enriching. Having failed two rounds of crowdfunding campaign, each time is a learning lesson and we keep improving from it. We are especially delighted every time when our customer shared how much they like our watches. That keeps us moving forward.

Any advice?

One must have the passion and persistence to see through it. It will be a long journey, but it will be a fulfilling one if you enjoy every aspect of building a brand, a business from nothing to something.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Diameter 44.5 mm
  • Height 16 mm
  • Lug Width 24 mm
  • Double Domed Mineral Glass
  • Japan Miyota Quartz (2 hand design) or The Seiko Designed NH35 Automatic (3 hand design)
  • Water Resistance to 5 ATM
  • California Dial Vintage
  • Luminous Vintage “Old Radium”
  • Hour and Minute with Luminous Vintage “Old Radium”
  • 24 mm Full Grain Leather Strap



This is a tried and tested design that combines history and style, its a good looking watch coming from a brand that has been around for a few years now, I am not surprised it has funded.





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