Direnzo Watches pays tribute to timeless automotive aesthetic design on kickstarter in September

The DRZ_Type 250F is launching soon and it is a personal homage to the pioneering and fearless engineers who created the sexiest and fastest race cars of the 40s and 50s.

Timeless and sophisticated in design, this timepiece is a reliable, precision instrument for everyday use.


It has to be said, when you look at a Direnzo watch the mind leaps back to imagery of classic Italian motoring, they really are extremely nice, Sergio Godoy Di Renzo has done a really good job of translating the design style into a timepiece. The design is simple with a very nicely balanced use of negative space, the term ‘instrument’ is used well for its description. It would sit right at home on the dashboard of a classic car.


I caught up with Sergio to ask him about the brand:

where did your passion for watches develop?

Since I was young I’ve had a special interest for mechanical objects, especially antique cameras and watches. I think what attracts me the most is the direct connection with the past. Being able to use a watch that was made 50 years ago (or more), which works, is exciting to me. The same happens with the cameras, I have a Leica M4 of 1969 that works perfectly and with which I take black and white photos. I think I’m a bit nostalgic and I’ve passed that onto the DIRENZO watches. My oldest watch is an Omega that my father gave me and that belonged to his grandfather. Clearly one establishes relationships with objects that go beyond the object itself.

What was the first watch that you owned and loved?

I’ve had different watches, but my first love was with a Hamilton automatic from the 60’s which I, of course, own until now.

What is your brief history before watches?

I’ve been moving a lot.I studied architecture in Argentina and I’m been working on that area since I’ve finished my studies. I then moved to Spain, where I founded “Barcelona Modernista” with some colleagues. FinallyI moved to Geneva, where I’m currently living. Here is where I had the idea to start my own watch brand.


Why did you start producing watches?

It was not premeditated. I always liked to do new things and have a new challenge. While working as an architect, I studied watch design in Geneva, then I started to make some prototypes and, in 2015, I decided to create my own brand. I am not a watch salesman. I am interested in the process of designing and producing a particular object that has a sharp sense of design and utility.

Why the NH movement?

Swiss movements are great but expensive. The Seiko NH35 is a solid movement used in so many brands around the world and with which you know you can’t go wrong. It’s precise and robust, with a fair price for a Micro Brand like me, launching my first product. It was clear that it was the only way to produce an automatic timepiece with an affordable price tag.


How many watches have you made before?

This is my first watch with which I launch the brand, although I have designed other pieces for other brands.

What is you warranty arrangement?

We’ll provide a 2-year warranty for manufacturing or movement defects. The Swiss facility that will assemble the watches will undertake any issues they may have (we hope there won’t be).


What response have you had from the watch community?

I’m having great feedback from the Press as well as the Micro brand community.

Is this your full time job?

I hope this will become my full time job from September onwards!


What’s on your wrist today?

My DRZ_type_250F_C, of course. I’m using my watches every day, not only because it’s so amazing to use a timepiece that you have designed and produced but also because I don’t want to lose the opportunity to show them to my friends and receive their comments and opinions.

How have you found the journey of setting up your own brand?

It has not been easy, it demands lots of work and lots of time and effort, but if you do it with passion and love you get to enjoy it. Of course there is also the excitement to receive your own prototype and to use it every day. For me, getting to use my watches is already a success.

04_side view18_bubkle


Any advice?

Do it with love and passion. There will certainly be difficult times now and then, but when those arrive, don’t give up!


DRZ_Type 250F_B: Black dial with cream minute and hour hands, Arabic numerals, red second hand and genuine leather band.

DRZ_Type 250F_C: Cream dial with black minute and hour hands, Arabic numerals, red second hand and genuine leather band.

  • Case 316L steel (polished)
  • Crystal 1.5mm double-domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Diameter W/O crown 40 mm
  • Lug to lug 48mm
  • Height 10.10 mm
  • Water resistance 5 Atm
  • Movement Automatic Seiko NH35
  • Wristband Genuine leather with engraved logo on both buckle and leather band
  • Caseback Screw down case
  • Weight 55gr. (without strap)
  • Warranty 24 months




The acid test for any watch is the time honoured question, “would you own one?” The answer here is a definite yes. The size is nice, the build is excellent with sapphire and the attention to detail. Most importantly though, it reminds me of being young, when the summer days seemed longer driving around with a few friends and the roof down.


Website Sign up for the news letter about the September release




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