Hands on – Sartory Billard SB-02

Sartory-Billard is not a new brand, the SB02 is their second release as the name suggests, the RPM01 was a popular model when it was released. They are a French brand and easy to speak to on social media, I have to be honest I enjoy talking to Armand Billard, he is a really nice guy.

I was really pleased to accept the offer of a hands on with the SB02 after loving the design when I heard about its pre release.

When you receive the SB02 the packaging is the first thing that strikes you, it is very nicely done, the slim shape with the white sleeve holding the black case within.

Inside there is a host of great stuff, spare screws for the bezel should they be required, a couple of spare quick change straps, Brown and black, a nifty tool for bezel changing, a spare bezel (brushed steel), a white cleaning cloth, and the silver dial SB02. (You would have to check to see what comes as standard)

The SB02 as it arrived was on grey suede with a blue ocean bezel. It’s a very striking watch, and the engineering is quality. The 39mm size I personally find very appealing and suits me well. 

There are a couple of things that I really like about the SB-02, the curves of the construction with the way it catches light, and the semi translucent dial in combination with the polished indices and hands – gorgeous.

The SB-02 is powered by the popular Miyota 8215, it is a work horse of a movement in the microbrand world. 

Movement choice is a personal thing in watches and heavily debated on forums and Facebook groups, the main points however are – does it keep good time? is it reliable? will it last? – if the answer is yes to these questions then your heading in the right direction for sure.

The SB02 is very comfortable to wear, looks great, and is really eye catching, in the kind of way that makes you want to check the time more often. Having the ability to change the look of the watch to suit your mood and plans is a real winner in my book, and in no time at all I was playing with different looks for the watch.

I can only imagine the conversations I would be having with myself if I owned one, probably along the lines of convincing arguments as to why I should buy the extra bezels. I am sure I would have a full compliment in no time at all. I think the limited edition anthracite dial with the carbon bezel is a killer combo.

I was sorry to see the SB02 return home after my time with it, it’s a great fit and really nice watch that is a pleasure to wear and look at. 

I can not answer the question about ‘would I buy one?’ As I am saving up to open a watch repair business – which I reckon will take me about 3 – 5 years to do properly, so my head space will not allow me the luxury of thinking that way, but I can tell you this, I miss it already.


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