Watch Services

Watch Services Offered Locally, Nationally & Internationally

I am based in Kendal, Cumbria but have a client list that spans the globe thanks to the connectivity of social media. I offer watch services in the following 3 main categories.


Repair & Servicing

Watch servicing is an art, and the general rule of thumb is “every five years” for a fine watch. I am happy to competitively quote for watch servicing.

I offer a full repair service with a free quotation before any work commences. I have a very transparent working practice, and if you wish, you will be kept up to date at all stages of the repair, this is especially useful when the watch is an older model or pocket watch and parts may be hard to source.

Pricing for servicing start at £60 for a three hand automatic watch, Chronographs start at £100.

Unfortunately I can not take on any repairs for Chinese based movements, parts are impossible to come by as the movements are cheaper to replace. If it is possible to find you a replacement movement I will of course do this for you.


Upgrades, Modification & Regulating.

I often get customers that wish to have a watch improved, this can be done in a variety of different ways as follows..


A new look or a custom look with hands, or a dial, or a case, or all of the above. Some customers may also wish a watch to be customised to make it more personal, or maybe more Military for example, the beauty of customisation is that it can be as creative as you wish.

Regulating services:

Someone told me the other day that accuracy of a watch now comes secondary to “power reserve”, I would tend to disagree to this, a good watch should never loose or gain to much time on a daily basis, in an ideal world I would aim to get your watch within 3 seconds in a 24 hour period when being worn during the day. All watches repaired or serviced are regulated as part of the procedure.


Another popular subject is movement upgrades, this is due to the popularity these days that some watches are being supplied with “clone movements”. Swiss movements can be sourced for a lot of these watches, and I am happy to advise on what is possible for your particular watch.


Unique Build

This is also a popular subject these days, and is ideal when you have a Watch in mind but can not find exactly what you are looking for, I am happy to engage in conversation on this subject to ensure that you finally receive your hearts desire.

In the first instance please use the contact form

Some previous projects are shown below for your perusal and to give you ideas.