Hands on – Sartory Billard SB-02

Sartory-Billard is not a new brand, the SB02 is their second release as the name suggests, the RPM01 was a popular model when it was released.

The Astrohelm from Advisor watches has a few days left on kickstarter

The Astrohelm is a watch that is a tribute to the heritage of watches in a couple of ways. Firstly the California Dial (Cali) has been around since the 1930’s, secondly the case design style sits firmly in the same time frame between 1936 – 1940 with the Italian designed Radomir 1940

Start spreading the news – Rebel Time from Brooklyn, New York.

Rebel Time from Brooklyn, New York are bringing out new models soon, a diver with an automatic swiss movement, and I am pleased to be able to talk about it now. I spoke to one of the founders of Rebel Time, Shneur Lakein, to put the story into perspective. “My great grandfather was a watchmaker in…