CWC watches stolen

CWC has had 300 Automatic RN Dive Watches stolen - serial numbers 1-300 ending /20 No other batches ending /20 have been made - please keep your eyes peeled and get in touch if you are offered one. Website link

Stolen Ikepod Megapode Genève

An Ikepod Megapode MG02 has been stolen in Geneve Serial number: 0650 Year purchased: 2015 Proof of ownership: yes Colour: Blue and Yellow Reported by Last known location: Geneve

Stolen Ikepod Horizon Paris France

A 2010 Ikepod Horizon has been stolen from Paris France Serial number: 0056 Manufacture year: 2010 Proof of ownership: yes Reported by: Last reported location: Paris, France Please contact me for more info and contact To be included in the stolen archive please use the contact form