Jubileon Watches have the Superellipse live on Kickstarter and its elegantly stylish

There have been rumours floating around for a while now that Singapore watch makers were looking to carve out a reputation for watch making, and it may appear to be true. If you had to describe a really nice a watch most people would start with a list like this:


  • Designed and engineered in Singapore.
  • Seiko NH35A movement.
  • 41 mm wide, 11.9 mm thick, 50 mm lug-to-lug.
  • Lug width 22 mm.
  • Sapphire crystal.
  • 100 m water resistance.
  • Stainless steel 316L case, brushed and polished.
  • Custom decorative screw heads for bezel and caseback.
  • Engraved logo on crown.
  • 2-colour pad-printed dial, 6H date window.
  • Applied hour indices with Super-Luminova C1.
  • Super-Luminova C1 on minute and hour hands.
  • Customized straps by Hadley-Roma.

I caught up with Alvin, one of the three people behind the brand to ask a few questions about the drive behind the brand and their choices:

Where did my passion for watches developed ?

I guess I have to thank my brother (Kevin) for that. He was very much into watches himself as a watch collector and started influencing me along the way.

What was my first watch that I owned and loved ? Do I still have it ?

If I recall correctly, it would be Casio G-Shock. However, it’s long gone unfortunately.


What is my brief history before watches ?

I am and still a Project Manager during weekday office hour.

Why did I started producing my own watch ?

I love watches, and I have been doing watch trading online for many years via forums and sales portal. Via trading, it’s an opportunity for me to try out various watch brands in the market and to learn from each watch’s special feature. Besides that I also started freelancing as a watch reviewer for Microbrandwatchworld so that I could share my views of the watches I owned and sometimes loan’ed by the brands themselves. From there, I manage to learn from the best and tried applying them into Jubileon.


Why the Seiko NH movement ?

Well… the main reason is definitely affordability. Who wouldn’t want their watch to be fully Swiss-made with Swiss ETA movement. However, it doesn’t mean that Japan-made Seiko NH is not good at all, in fact I am a big fan of this movement because of its’ durability and easy repair / spare parts from any watchmaker, anywhere.

How many watches have I made before ?

Well, I guess I’m still a virgin in this watch business and this would be my first if it’s successful on kickstarter.


What response have I had from the watch community ?

We created several prototypes (one piece of each colour) and sent out to different watch reviewers. So far, the response have been quite positive from them about the quality and overall re-designed of the watch. I guess the result of the kickstarter campaign would reflect the actual feedback from the watch community then.

Is this my full time job ?

I wish, but it could in future. It depends on how successful Jubileon is.


What’s on my wrist today ?

Of course it’s the Jubileon Superellipse !

How was my journey in setting up the Jubileon brand ?

I had it easy, because it was originally founded and owned by my partner, Mr. Kum and he is the brains of the whole concept. I joined because I saw a potential in this brand and providing my creative ability to assist Mr. Kum to improve Superellipse to be what it is today. The journey has not been smooth in the early stages as we had to source different watch manufacturer during the prototyping because the samples did not meet up to our expectations. That is why it took us nearly a year later to finally able to launch the newly redesigned Superellipse.



This is an affordable watch with good specs and a contemporary classic design suitable for everyday use or a night out around town, they have listened to feed back and responded well. I for one am wishing them the success they deserve. It also looks killer on the mesh bracelet.






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