Sartory Billard have a new watch release in October, and its exquisitely well executed

Every day I come across new watches, ones that are released, or watches that are due to be released. The Sartory Billard SB02 is from the category of ‘Released soon and stunning’, it is beautifully well executed.


The company started in 2015 after two friends decided to build a unique watch together, and the limited edition, RMP01, proved to popular. Of course they have taken all they have learnt from their first timepiece and honed that down to produce the SB02.

One feature that catches the eye with this watch is the changeable Bezel, you can buy the different bezels on their website and change the watch to suit your look. This is a thoughtful process however and the bezel choices are stylish and classic like the automotive classics that inspire the design.

This stylistic approach in volume, curves and counter-curves, makes homage to classic cars, whose design mixes visual pleasure and tactile pleasure, permanent invitation for the hand to caress the bodywork


One of the great parts of my online job is that I get to talk to the brand owners. I spoke with Armand Billard, one of the owners of the brand.

Where did your passion for watches develop?

My passion for watches grew when I started my product design agency in 1999. I got interested in shapes and materials, then movements of high end timepieces.

What is your brief history before watches?

I have been a product designer since 1999, I traveled the world between 2005 and 2007, I built an agency which I sold in 2015. Since then I was responsible for innovation for a consultancy firm, and now since summer 2017, I am dedictated 100% to SARTORY BILLARD watch brand


Why did you start producing watches?

Producing watches started as a challenge with a friend (Ludovic SARTORY) in 2014,  we were turning 40 and thought about a watch as a gift. But instead of buying one we thought, why not make one.

This took one full year and ended up with a small amount of watches we quickly sold. The RPM01

Tell me about your movement choice

For our second release, the SB02, being released in October, we are using the Miyota movement. It is an ‘available’ movement, very reliable, and falls within budget for the expected retail price. We wanted a watch with an affordable price tag, it fit the equation.

We produced around 40 watches of the hand made RPM01 and now we are talking hundreds for the SB02, all hand assembled in France.


What response have you had from the watch community?

The watch community appreciate that we have a strong design language and we don’t use any ‘off the shelf’ parts. Our case is unique with its 3D appearance and our concept of removable bezel can only seen on our watch. We want to create a proper and unique style.



This collection is available in two colors of dials: Anthracite and Silver.

With their “brushed sun” finishes, applied indexes and partial transparency revealing the motor – an automatic movement Miyota – animating the SB02, the style is classic and contemporary at the same time.

The first 4 variations of removable upper part proposed are the following: Carbon / Brown Shell / Blue Ocean / Matte Steel.


Whats on your wrist today?

I have been wearing a SB02 for weeks now, I am rough testing it. (on and off-road ) cycling sessions, during my holidays, it is awesomely confortable !!

Do you have advice for anyone thinking of starting a brand?

Yes, make your own style – really your own

From their website:
SARTORY BILLARD is based in Paris and our models are imagined and designed in this city. The official authorization allows us to proudly inscribe Paris / France on the dial.



This is a great micro brand, established for a couple of years and the owners are proving their dedication to the longevity of the company. They have a very original and distinctive brand style, with well thought out and very well executed watches. It is my personal feeling that Armand and Ludovic are here to stay and are probably going to slowly take their place in the market as the Bremont boys (Giles and Nick) have done in the UK.

For more information, links are below:




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