Von Doren have funded within hours on kickstarter with a stunning ladies watch

Von Doren are at it again with their very elegant and distinguished design style, and this time they have targeted the more delicate female wrist, straight away it is proving to be a huge success, and raises the question, have we all been over looking an obvious stylish market sector. (all links at the end of the article)

Ladybilde 3

The Jotunheim Lady is a classic and elegant timepiece, available in 3 different color combinations, all with a real red ruby on the dial.

  • Champagne Yellow – Rose Gold
  • Frost White – Yellow Gold
  • Snow White – Polished Steel

Alle 3 klokker på rad smal med jevn bakgrunn

I spoke to Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen to ask why did we develop a Ladies watch?

There are three reasons:

Firstly, My partner in Love and Life; Liss Ann “stole” my own Von Doren Founder Edition nr. 001/480 a few times, she loves the design but thought it was to big and wished we could make a smaller and more feminine ladies watch but still keep the Von Doren DNA with the dome sapphire and the curved dial.

Secondly, we got a lot of requests from ladies who asked us when we would launch a Ladies watch

ladybilde 1

And third: We got feedback from male customers who humorously “complained” that their girlfriends borrowed their Von Doren watches. I personally believe that it is vital for a new player in the watch business to target both men and women.

To build a brand takes a huge amount of time, money and hard work. When we started designing and came up with the design for the Jotunheim Lady we received the first prototype we were sold.

In my honest opinion I think it is beautiful, and my girlfriend is very very happy with hers.

Frost white goldRubin

Tell me about the jewel?

It is a small red ruby, 1.5 mm which originates from Thailand. Since rubies and watches have a long “pairing  traditionally ” we thought it was very suitable since it is also very decorative and feminine.

As you know historically real Rubies was used in watch movements as Jewel bearings, invented in 1704, to reduce friction and to improve watch accuracy. Real rubies was used until 1902. Today almost all jeweled bearings are made with synthetic ruby.

Ladybilde 7gull liggende

Since rubies were considered the stone of love, energy, passion and power, I thought it was very suitable and ads an air of exclusivity to the dial, since no two rubies are alike, with different cut and glow.

The charm of this unique timepiece lies in the exquisite Scandinavian design, the double domed sapphire crystal and the “Pie pan” dial complimented with a beautiful red ruby slightly above 6 o´clock.

​Tell me about the name, you guys have an amazing history and language!

We named our first Lady collection after Jotunheimen (The home of the Jotnar) a beautiful Norwegian National park and mountainous area of roughly 3,500 km². The 29th highest mountains in Norway are all in Jotunheimen, including the very highest – Galdhøpiggen (2469 m).

watch box

According to legends from Norse mythology it is from Jotunheim, the giants menace the humans in Midgard and the Gods in Asgard.


  • Double dome sapphire crystal
  • Luminous hour and minute hands
  • Ronda Swiss Powertech 7 series movement
  • Italian interchangeable leather strap
  • 316L Stainless steel case
  • 1.5mm Grade A Ruby

Ladybilde 4Frost white brushed steel 1gull liggende


Kickstarter campaign





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