Hands on – The Tockr D-Day C-47

I have been following Tockr since they first came on the scene in late 2017, I have always loved their unique designs since I first covered them (you can read that here), so you can imagine my delight when I got the opportunity recently to get my hands on one and spend some quality time with it.

tockr d-day c47 - 1

The Concept

On June 6th 1944, a C-47 aircraft leads the charge into Normandy, emblazoned with foretoken message to Hitler. “That’s All, Brother” became an important part of American history on D-Day, and now you can own a piece of it.

The Tockr D-Day C-47 watch uses rescued material from the storied paratrooper transport as the foundation for its dial. Each dial bears the genuine markings of its past, and is completely unique in appearance.

The watch comes in 3 different variation styles, Type A ‘Clean Cut’, Type B ‘Stamped’, and Type C ‘Hard Worn’

The model I have for review is the Type C ‘Hard Worn’.

The Presentation Box

The watch comes in a wooden presentation box that is themed around WWII aviation and it really is a work of art on its own, everything about it is well thought out, and it is beautifully constructed, it alludes to the era it is meant too at every turn. As soon as you see the box you are aware that you are in for a special experience.

tockr d-day c47 - 1 (10)tockr d-day c47 - 1 (11)

The faux fur brings to mind the flight jackets of WWII, the colour scheme is excellent, inside is the watch documentation and warranty card, and proudly presented below is the D-Day C47 itself.

tockr d-day c47 - 1 (12)

I have done design work for years, I always have something to think (not say) when I see others designs. My only comment here is that who ever designed this kit did an exceptional job.

The Watch

  • CASE: Cushion-shaped in Stainles Steel 316L with anti-glare sapphire crystal
  • FINISH: Brushed/Polished
  • CASE BACK: Plain with Customized Engraving.
  • DIAL: Cut from an original portion of aeronautical aluminum that was rescued from That’s All, Brother during its extensive restoration,
  • Luminescent printed numerals.
  • DIAMETER: 42mm

The finish on the cushion case is beautiful, the brushed and polished edges work really together. The Anti-Reflective sapphire crystal is a really good quality and works really well to to allow you to admire what lies beneath.

The cushion case is cut in such a way that it is comfortable on smaller wrists like mine, whilst the crown is not obtrusive on the wrist in the slightest. It is my first part polished crown, and I really like it, it may be slightly slippy to wind, but hey – it is an automatic you don’t want take off, it is definately not a problem.

tockr d-day c47 - 1 (1)tockr d-day c47 - 1 (2)

At first I was 50/50 about the plane on the end of the second hand, but after spending a week with the Tockr D-Day C47 I not only love the plane, but I love watching the shadow cast by the plane at it traverses the landscape of the textured dial below.

The back of the watch is really well finished and engraved, comfortable on the wrist, and securely in place by four screws. It is nice to see screws on a case in this day and age.


tockr d-day c47 - 1 (3)

The Movement and Running

I always say the mark of decent watch is what lies at the heart, not just the movement but the construction surrounding it. Again the D-Day does not disappoint. It is a full solid case with a Swiss ETA 2834-2 beating away healthily.

tockr d-day c47 - 1 (9)

I love ETA movements and am going to miss them as they disappear from non swatch group watches in the months to come. Already we see brands jumping onto Sellita and manufacturer movements. It is hard to know the longevity from these other movements yet as only time will tell, but I do know that ETA are giving away their legacy, the movements being serviced in 40 years from now will not be ETA in the same degree that they are today.

When you are staring at a beating ETA 2834-2 you just have to test it (well you do if you are me).

tockr d-day c47 - 1 (7)

Zero beat error, Zero deviation per day, healthy amplitude straight off the wrist. In other words that is pretty damned perfect, true poetry in motion.

Overall thoughts

tockr d-day c47 - 1 (4)

It turns out my other watches hate the Tockr D-Day C47, they have not had any wrist time since it arrived, not because I really wanted to give this watch my full attention, but because I love wearing it.

I do not see how you could not love this watch for the following reasons:

  1. No two are the same – the watch is unique.
  2. Inside the watch is real piece of history
  3. Superb design and construction
  4. Swiss movement
  5. Comfortable to wear
  6. Awesome lume set up
  7. Great customer service
  8. Professional people behind the brand

I believe that Tockr is a brand that are here to stay, they have a great team and real passion for what they do. They also have a keen eye for design with a boldness to their designs that is really refreshing.

Do I have anything else to add?

Nah – Thats All Brother!

tockr d-day c47 - 1 (5)

It has to be mentioned that proceeds from each purchase will go towards the CAF, helping fund the restoration of historic aircraft for future generations.


Tockr Website



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