Brellum has a manufacturers movement and its stunning.

If you know me, you know I follow Brellum with great enthusiasm, and I have been waiting for this moment ever since I heard whispers in the “corridors of fame” almost a year ago.

Sebastien Muller has new models coming soon from Brellum, with a piece called “The Wyvern” and it has a manufacturers movement, and its one hell of a movement.


A friend said to me tonight, “what does that mean exactly?” and thats a good point that is worth explaining.

Many watch manufacturers bring out pieces and use “off the shelf movements”, these can be Swiss, Japanese, Chinese, Russian or other. Some may use a high grade movement, some may use a COSC rated movement. Some brands like Seiko for example make their own movements, some brands may rebrand the movement. example: Tag Heuer “Calibre 5” I worked on recently for repair was actually a Sellita movement. (I had to double check this was the correct facts when i saw it).

tag heuer calibre 5 - 1

The manufacturers that develop their own movements, in my humble opinion stand out from the rest, Brellum is now listed with these guys and its only Sebastien Muller, his knowledge, his resources and his passion. The others are big brands.


The Specs: “Brellum BR-18”

  • Double barrel
  • 5 days power reserve
  • Chronometer certified
  • Hours, Minutes, Seconds
  • Power Reserve indicator
  • 30mm (13.25 Ligne)
  • 34 Jewels
  • Rhodium

I spoke with Sebastien:

How did you decide to follow the path of a manufacturers movement?

It was a wish to explore another possibility to offer something great at the right price and propose a manufactured movement under CHF 4’000.- by selling directly to my clients worldwide

And about 30 years ago I was working on my watchmaking school watch, an IWC manual wound completely done by hands, beveled, polished, complete assembly, manufacturing of the spirale with Breguet curve etc… I wanted to rediscover this feeling to work on exceptional movements

What can you tell me about how the movement was developed?

I got the proposal to develop my own manufactured movement by one of my close suppliers, based on a proven base, but with my own design of bridges, my own engraving, decoration and quality expectations etc… so I jumped in it and we were starting designing new bridges, making prototypes of bridges modified and improved by myself, then prototyping engraving and decoration like cote de Genève and polished by hands bridges.

At the same time we developed with my suppliers an escapment able to reach COSC specification and tested it by the COSC with great results, after validating all prototypes we have started to produce all parts needed for BR-18

How many are you making?

There will be 100 over 4 years, released as “Limited Editions”, the first will be the LE1 and will be 25 pieces.


What is the service schedule like for the BR-18

like all others Brellum, the new Brellum Wyvern Manufacture will be under warranty for 2 years and services every 5 years will be advised by Brellum Swiss Watchmaking.

How long has it taken?

I started about 18 months ago, and will unveil the LE1 in about 2 weeks.

brellum wyvern

As you can see from the image above, The Wyvern is going to be exceptional, double domed sapphire, Manufacturers movement, 5 day power reserve, three hands with power reserve indicator, beautiful lines, and an absolutely killer crown (its the little things in life)

It is going to be an amazing piece, but at 25 pieces will sell out quicker than you can read this article I imagine, and priced way below anything that comes even close I imagine.




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