Hands on the Arcturus LC-1 and it’s almost live on Kickstarter

It’s so nice to be able to run this story after following the project from the early days – I featured Alexander and the LC-1 some time ago HERE

When is it being released?

Latest release date announcements


The Arcturus LC-1 project was first revealed to the world early last year in 2017. After numerous rounds of vigorous prototyping and testing, fast forward to 2018, we are finally confident and ready to bring the LC-1 to all of you.

We are proud to announce that the launch of the LC-1 will be on:-


8th February 2018, Thursday

11:00pm (GMT+8)

10:00am (EST)

3:00pm (GMT)

Save the date and act fast because certain pieces are limited.

The hands on review

The LC-1 does not disappoint in anyway what so ever, it’s opulent design style still screams “look at me – I am here” and it plays with light constantly with the mother of pearl inlay multi layer dial. This is certainly not a watch that one would coin the phrase “homage”.

The LC-1 tells the time well, keeps excellent time with the Miyota at its heart, it features a date at the 12 o’clock position, has a power reserve indicator, and a graphic moon sun time of day indicator as a nice use of the 24 hour feature. (Some models may have a standard 24 hour feature in release)

Decoration are strong features of the LC-1, the side is tactile and fluted, the crown is signed, and the display back is decorated with a homage to Singapore where the watch and Alex hail from. Alex is proud of the Singapore Watch making industry and is proud to part of it.

The multi layer dial is beautiful, and has taken a long time to develop and get to the point where Alex is happy with it. The beauty of this piece lies in Alexander’s refusal to be rushed, and his tenacity to get the design right. It shows throughout the watch.

It’s a fair comment to say that every time you look at the LC-1, the layers of the dial grab your attention and you appreciate its beauty and design.

The LC-1 is very comfortable to wear, not to heavy to be uncomfortable, but heavy enough to know you are wearing a watch that is worth wearing.

The gold coloured version I have had the pleasure to hang out with for a week is stunning, but I would love to see the silver white grey version also, but that is a personal choice, I love grey as a colour.

Rounding off

I can not fault the LC-1 for anything, some might say “what use is a day night indicator?” I would say “in this instance it fits with the opulent design and adds to the character, so why not”.

The design is beautifully original and very well executed indeed,and Alex has created a real head turner of a watch.

I really hope, and have a strong feeling, that we are about to witness a success story when Alex launches next week. If there is a karma that repays dedication and hard work in this life, then that wheel needs to turn on the 8th of February.

Website – coming soon

Kickstarter – coming soon


2 Replies to “Hands on the Arcturus LC-1 and it’s almost live on Kickstarter”

  1. Absolutely stunning!! There seems to be a constant stream of watches as art these days, I’m thinking Visitor Duneshore for instance – real eye candy!!


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