Hands on – The Jotunheim Lady in Soft White by Von Doren

Christmas gave me a great excuse to do a hands on review of a ladies watch (no prizes for guessing what my wife got for Christmas) after  I spotted the Jotunheim Lady when I did a review on them in 2017 when they launched.

The Jotunheim Lady by Von Doren has the following specs:


  • Watch diameter: 36 mm
  • Movement:Swiss made, Ronda Powertech
  • Glass: Double-dome sapphire crystal
  • Watch case: Stainless steel 316 L 8mm
  • Water resistant: 5ATM, 50 metres
  • Straps Italian handcrafted leather, 18mm, quick-release mechanism, Quick release strap
  • Other: Dial-inlaid ruby, luminous hands

Introducing understated sophistication itself – the Jotunheim Lady in Soft White and Brushed Steel. Although refined, it is a distinctive timepiece that marries exquisite design with luxurious appointments. With its double-domed sapphire crystal and curved dial, all subtly complemented by a beautiful ruby, the Jotunheim Lady is a watch that doesn’t need to shout to attract attention. This particular model, with its Soft White colouring, beautifully showcases the ruby to its fullest.

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Now since its not me wearing it, the only thing I can comment on is how it looks on my wife.  I think it looks great, very elegant, a size that catches the eye, and the double dome sapphire does just that.

What my wife says:


I love the size, its large but not over bearing, but makes a real statement.

Wearing the watch:

I can wear the watch during the day as a casual piece, or change the strap and go out in the evening, I like that a lot.


The watch matches most things I choose to wear, changing the strap colour gives me loads of options, I can match my mood as well as clothing, that is very important.


Its very comfortable to wear, light weight and the straps are very comfortable, not too bulky either as its nice and slim. I can also wear other jewellery with it without having to over think this

Anything else:

I love the ruby on the face, it allows me to wear a larger watch and it still be feminine, I really like being able to change the look by changing the straps, which I would like to add I can do myself. Besides looking great its easy to read the time – thats a bonus as I like the vintage look but I often find vintage watches for ladies too small.

I feel the watch would suit all ages, this means a lot to me as it does not define me or look out of place.

The Collection:

The Elegant and Beautiful Von Doren Jotunheim Lady


The Christmas present was a success, it was a real surprise for my wife, and she loves it with an ongoing appreciation.

The purchase on the website was very smooth, and the watch arrived quickly through the carrier service, the import duty was expected and easy to deal with with an online portal that allowed me to do it without too much hassle via carrier notifications.

above all “happy wife = happy life” – Result !!







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