The Brellum Pandial – hands on review

“The box is huge, what the hell is in there?” Is the first thought that skips through your mind when TNT deliver the Brellum to your waiting hands. As you open the package there is absolutely nothing that disappoints for a high end timepiece, everything has a place, has been made for a purpose, and alludes to the promise of excellence that was made when you committed to buy.

The box itself is a work of art, and inside you do not know where to start really, the tools, the warranty card, the COSC certificate or the leather pouch that contains the Pandial itself.

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From the moment you pick up the Pandial the quality and attention to detail seduces you. The case is exquisitely made, solid and large at 43mm. The crown has the Brellum signature mark, and the case back includes all the details of the watch, including the ever so important serial number that means you are part of something special.

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The duobox design of the dual sapphire case allows viewing of the COSC certified Valjoux 7750 movement at the back with the beautiful rotor design and beating balance wheel flicking away happily at 4HZ or 28800 VPH (vibrations per hour), all set with the pearlage and blued screws we would expect of a watch like this.

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Back over on the front side there are a couple of things that strike me before I even look at the dial, number one is the quality of the Telemeter ring, brushed steel on the sides and a real quality construction to the front and printing. The second is the curvature of the front sapphire crystal and the way it bends and distorts the light. As you move the watch around, the markers on the dial behind the crystal edges optically come to life and rotate with a life of their own, it really catches the eye, and I love it.

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If you know me of know of me, you will be aware that I make, service and repair watches. I can say without a shadow of doubt “The dial on the Pandial is stunning”. The engineering that has gone into the indices and the 3D logo is beautiful to behold, especially when you become aware that each of the indices has been machined individually. The texture on the dial surface is a wonderful touch.

The engineered hands are precise and have been constructed in a such a way that they give confidence that the time is as accurate as the look. Throw in the contrasting telemeter around the edge with the matching chrono sub dials and flipped out small seconds with opposing outer ring, and you have design perfection, in my humble opinion.

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The Pandial wears extremely comfortably indeed, and is a pleasure to wear after two days use, and the chronograph begs to be used, and I am proud to say I can leave work, get home, eat lunch, and return in 27 minutes and 38 seconds. (Which is just one of the excuses I have found to play with it)

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I have to say that for me the Pandial is one of the nicest watches I have ever had on my wrist. I have been a fan of Brellum since Sébastien launched the brand, but to wear one is to truly behold one. I had a Tag Heuer Autavia re-release on my arm a few weeks ago, my own personal opinion…. is that the Brellum Pandial is much better value for money.

There is always a bit where the guy doing a hands on review suggests an improvement and offers an opinion, this is seen as a validity of reviewer honesty.  Sorry guys “I got nothing”. I like all the individual parts, and I like how they come together as a whole, and I love the traditional styling.

I ended up swapping out the Milanese bracelet that came with the watch and put on ‘a pair or brown leather Italian shoes with sparse cream stitching’. There was a couple of reasons for this which were personal choices.

1/. I love that look on a panda

2/. I have a manual job that will not be ‘forgiving’ to a metal bracelet (it is a beautiful bracelet and deserves to be treated well)

3/. I can swap out for the bracelet for ‘special occasions’.

4/. I may own this watch, but to me I am the custodian of it, in many years to come when it is still going strong, and has the marks of a life long lived and loved, it will pass on to my son, and he will become its custodian, and he will have a choice of straps or bracelets to suit his mood or occasion.


Brellum hands on review - 1 (4)

Brellum hands on review - 1 (14)

What else is there to say really, the watch is exquisite in build quality and design, and an absolute must for any serious collection. If you are looking for a high end timepiece and have been looking at the well known brands, the value for money here can not be ignored, because the Brellum Pandial is world class.







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