Omega Speedmaster reduced crown replacement – tricks

This is one of those jobs that sounds easy – but as watch repair goes has a blip in proceedings 

The reduced speed is a cracking watch – and is a must for original parts at all times. The movement is an eta based 2892 so the stem part is easy enough to find from reputable places for Watch repairers.

The crown however proved no so easy, as the supplier was out of stock and a long wait beckoned. The stem had sheared off in a place that left no way of a simple extraction.

So I decided to try Alum powder and a ultra sonic cleaning. Alum powder is as close to magic as I have ever seen, over time it will eat away at sheared screws and leave everything else alone – worth a try as the crown was dead without it.

After three days of ultrasonic cleaning at temperature in a Alum Powder solution the stem was gone and the repair could continue. Amazing stuff Alum powder, I swear it has psychic properties as knows what I want from it 😂

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