A new sophisticated Brellum Duobox arrives as Autumn approaches

There are so many watches available on the market these days, watches to suit your mood, or watches to suit your style. Then there are the watches that are made to be pieces of excellence to reflect the beauty of time keeping, the Brellum is of course the later, but fits the first also.

Since the Brellum arrived in December last year with its promise of 300 pieces per year it has never failed to be admired and adored wherever you see one on social media, it even has its own collectors club on Facebook. One of the things to admire most about Sebastien Muller and the Brellum is Sebastien’s commitment to a design that works really well, where other brands move from model to model to keep consumer interest alive, Sebastien plays with the subtleties of a design that works very well and explores it further to see where it will take him.


I always speak to Sebastien when he brings out a new model, not just to get the inside line, but because he is a really nice guy and I enjoy our conversation. He is an avid collector of watches, he is a watch maker, he is a timepiece engineer and he is a designer – a perfect combination.

Sebastien told me that he has been working on The Havana since the start of the year, it is in fact greatly admired by his wife, but he wanted to wait for the right time, that time being Autumn. The colours of the leaves of Autumn can been seen as light reflects of the sunshine pattern dial.


The colours of course have other connotations, like a smooth Talisker whisky on a cold night and the glow of an open fire. It is in fact a true gentleman’s watch, but also looks at home on the wrist of the rarest of creatures, a brave modern woman with an eye for fine timepieces.

To put the beauty of this watch into context, each index on the dial is hand CNC machined one piece at a time, as a watch enthusiast, I can not express how much i enjoy saying that in an article.


The Havana Duobox is available with a choice of 2 straps, a steel bracelet with Milanese mesh, or a new leather strap designed to stylishly age and wear over time, personally the choice would be both, but thats just me.


No article would be complete with an image of the back of the Brellum because it is so beautiful to look at – so here it is, the view of that COSC certified Valjoux 7750 in all its stunning glory.


You can see and order the full Brellum Duobox line up on the main website and of course you can join the conversation on social media below.



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