Win a Watch from

Win a Watch from 

How to Enter:
1. Post (or repost) any pic of any current Lew & Huey or NTH watch with this complete text.
2. Tag @JanisTrading and use hashtag #JanisTradingGiveaway in your post.
3. Like/Follow @JanisTrading on Facebook or Instagram.
4. Create a customer account at
Enter as many times as you wish. Each post is a separate entry

See complete rules below.
The winner will be drawn at random on May 26, 2017, and have their choice of any in-stock Lew & Huey watch or in-stock NTH Sub, subject to inventory availability and location. See all models at

Giveaway Rules:
Giveaway is open to everyone on planet Earth. Choice of prize does not include the NTH Tropics (Antilles & Azores), sold-out models or models in pre-order. All entries must clearly show a current model produced by Lew & Huey or NTH (Acionna, Cerberus, Spectre, Orthos, Phantom, Amphion, Näcken, Santa Cruz, Oberon or Scorpène), include this complete text, tag @JanisTrading and use hashtag #JanisTradingGiveaway. In order to be eligible, the drawing winner must be following Janis Trading on Instagram or Facebook and have a customer account created at prior to our drawing.

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