Stop the press, the Brellum watch success story continues with new releases from the beginning of March, and its black

Brellum was an instant success when it released at the beginning of December 2016, and was quickly hailed as being one of the top five collectable watches of the year, and that is no small feat.
I have kept a close eye on Sébastien Mullers brand, watched its success on social media and watched as even the hardest collectors have proudly added a Brellum to their cherished possessions.

I caught up with Sébastien after spotting an image of his Brellum on Facebook after I noticed that either there was a trick of light going on, or he was sporting a black faced Brellum, which was not on the list of ready available models.
The first question had to be, “so how are things my friend?”

“Regarding the response from market, It’s fantastic, I got a lot of nice messages, a lot of orders, more than my expectation and it motivates me to continue in this way. The quality is always my most important preoccupation and clients are always happy when they receive their watches. Until now no one client receive his watch without send a message to congrat me and thank me about the quality of details”

“The watch is a bit special and pictures never give justice to the watch so everybody is impressed when they get it

I even have some very collectors in my fans and I even got a proposal from a client from HKG who offered me 20’000 US$ for the number 0001, which I refused”.

“I’m working hard to satisfy my clients and fans, I was very pleased to get comments from people who had been at SIHH this year, they complimented my watch, pointing out that some of the top brands would struggle to achieve the quality and finish of the Brellum in their opinion”.

Sébastien then confirmed that he was wearing a black Brellum, I asked why his was black?

“… because I like black, And because some clients ask for it, and I think after some tests that it will fit perfectly to the vintage style of the Duobox, the model will be available at the same price as the others, I’ll launch 2 skus, a black leather strap version and a model on a steel bracelet, .. and maybe one on a brown leather strap.

I have to work with my supplier to find something which fits perfectly to the black colour.

The dial has a sunshine pattern and the blue second hand disappears to increase to dressy style, as well as the date indication which remain black with white numbers to accentuate the all black effect

This model will be part of the collection and available from march 1st”.


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