Refurb and service of a Tag Heuer Monaco ETA 2895

This lovely Tag Heuer Monaco WW2112 running an ETA 2895 (Tag Calibre 6) came in for a service and refurb. First thing was to photograph it and see how it was currently running

An amplitude of 286 is a very good starting point, the watch is healthy and should benefit from a service.

The ETA 2895 has a sub seconds feature which means the escape wheel goes all the way through the main plate to act as a drive for the seconds hand. It is an interesting way of doing it and means that the disassembly and assembly procedure needs to factor the escape wheel assembly (the calendar gear will need to not be the last assembly as it happens before the escape wheel bridge on the front side).

disassembly images

Notice the escape wheel has a correct and incorrect assembly direction

Once the parts are all cleaned the assembly and testing can start.

In the meantime as per the owners request I have been working on the scratches of the case to make them less noticeable.

The 289* series really do lend themselves to a decent braking grease in the barrel. The amplitude is now 306+ which is more than reasonable.

With the initial timing looked at I can now continue the assembly.

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