The horrors of water and watches

Last year this old Ikepod came in for repair, it was “water damaged” and showed signs that someone had tried to get into it.

Once opened up the damage inside was extensive – not only to the movement but to the dial also where the rust had “burnt” the paint

The movement inside was seized solid at every turn which was going to prove troublesome as some of the parts were “out of manufacture” (specifically the 24hr module parts)

The only options available were as follows as the owner wanted the watch to be kept original but also insisted that the dial be repainted by a third party company.

  • Get the dial painted
  • Buy new old stock hands
  • Recondition the base movement
  • Buy any available module parts
  • Recondition by hand the damaged parts that could not be bought.

The dial company ‘DRBill’ did an exceptional job, but as the dial was a new one to them they needed all new plates and the dial alone was £900

The Swiss New Old Stock parts (hands a wheel) came is at £220 delivered

As you could imagine the movement needed a lot of standard parts replacing and these came to the tune of £375

And after weeks of work cleaning, polishing and resurrecting parts (about 40hrs all told) we ended up here …

And the watch shipped back to owner mid December 2018

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