Sending watches for work international

Sending watches for work is always a delicate subject as there are many couriers in many countries, various postal service options, and a few unspoken things that often occur.

In the UK I always say to ship via “Special Delivery” – they have a maximum insurance value of £2,500.

For international packages the option is yours, most couriers will ship to the UK but will not Insure watches over £250. Some will ship up to £1000 seemingly, but the costs go right up.

The one package that was highly valued was stopped by customs, held for 2 months, and when it was returned to the sender only the packaging turned up, the watch was gone, never to be seen again.

Important information

So this is where I stand on the subject

  • Packages should be sent clearly marked “mechanical instrument for repair”
  • Any items stopped by customs and charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer to pay.

*An item being repaired is not an import, so there should be no customs charges

  • Lower value items attract less theft
  • Couriers are quicker than postal services
  • I bear no liability for loses Incurred during shipping inbound or outbound
  • I will Insure your watch internationally for a maximum of £50 by default, if you require higher insurance the costs will increase and will passed onto you.
  • You will asked and given options about shipping choices internationally

By sending a watch internationally you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. You are most welcome to arrange your own collection service.

UK to US shipping for a standard small package weighing 500grams, insured for £50 costs approximately £25

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