Ikepod number 2 finished and back to life 

This was more of a repair and build project than a straight service. The customer had spent years scouting the internet for parts to bring this back to life one day.

The first job was to inspect the parts for damage, and missing bits. A service of the base Valjoux 7750 movement was very encouraging as the unit was strong and kept time very well once serviced.

However inspection and comparison of the gmt module highlighted a missing day change wheel as circled below.

We scoured resources, friends and watchmakers until we finally found someone with the correct part. Funnily enough it turned out that we both ended up finding the same contact.

Parts ordered we waited, and a few weeks later the holy grail of parts arrived.

Final assembly included a new day change pusher in the case, crystal refit, and some final movement regulation.

Love these watches – definite bucket list watch.

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