Klynt are back on kickstarter – this time they funded in 2 days

Back in February I posted about Klynt watches being on kickstarter, at that time they did not hit their funding goal, but Bruno reached out to me this week to tell me that they were back on Kicsktarter with our collection Elegance Contemporaine, and this time the objective was reached in the first 48hours.



I asked Bruno what happened last time

This first campaign was quite a challenge for a young brand like KLYNT, going to Kickstarter with a first collection priced at USD990. We learned a lot during this campaign and we are very glad we could turn the situation upside down with this new campaign!
For the last campaign, the rythm was good until we were halfway through the campaign with half the objective done. With such a high objective ( 100’000 CHF),  backers were wondering whether we would make it or not, and we saw as many people jumping out during the second half as people getting in, leading to a quite flat last 15 days. 55K was not enough to produce at the time, but not a disaster either for a first campaign with a high price point for Kickstarter!
After that we took some time analysing the campaign, talking with backers and non-backers to understand their points of view. We renegotiated the contracts with our suppliers to come back with a proposal better suited to crowdfunding. We could finally lower the ordering quantities to have a more accessible funding goal, and we cut in our margin to reach an even more accessible entry pledge. We prepared nice add-ons ( deployant buckle and other surprises to come!)
We believe that beyond the communication and marketing effort that can always be improved, those two fundamental criteria ( funding goal and price) have a strong correlation with how the campaign goes. With the additional time after our first try, we could interact with our followers and  ask for their support early on in this campaign, which lead to reaching the funding objective of 50KCHF in less than two days! Now we have to keep it up and reach the next stretch goal at 100KCHF!
Links for you all:

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