A day to be joyful – when not 1 but 2 #ikepods come in for repair

As a watch repairer you have an interest in every job that comes in, the fun and challenge of finding out what is wrong, and then making it right, whilst doing the best you can in all situations.

The Ikepod is a legendary watch from a Swiss company born in 1994 that involved Oliver Ike and Marc Newson. 

If you don’t know Marc Newson he is a legendary industrial designer from Australia, he specialised in Jewellery and sculpture and he is famous for the Lockheed lounge.

Marc Newson left Ikepod in 2012 and joined Apples design team in 2014.

It is not very often you see an Ikepod, but to have 2 on my bench in the same day is a day that I doubt I will ever see again – so today is a good day for sure.

I will update the story of these as they are done. At the heart of them is a Valjoux 7750 with added complication for the GMT.

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