Brellum special editions a definite hallmark of the success – literally 

When Sebastien Muller launched Brellum watches in December 2016 it was obvious from the beginning that the timepieces would be instant classics. 

They were instant classics and by Christmas were being hailed as one of the top 5 watches to own universally. (That statement deserves a paragraph all to itself)

Sebastien did not sit back however, inspiration struck him one morning whilst out walking with his wife, he wanted to mark the fact that he had 8000 followers on Facebook.

I asked Sebastien about this piece that was released and sold very quickly around Basel 2017

I had decided to make this Limited Edition to celebrate my 8k fans on FB during baselworld, it is called Duobox Classic Power Reserve LE.1.

The reason why I have produce 8 units worldwide is one piece for each 1000 fans.

The day I decided it was in the Middle of January and I was walking with my wife talking about my idea, it was Snowing,  So the idea of the silver snow color was not so difficult, I started working with my supplier to find the right silver-white colour.

We worked with my movement engineers to make a Edition of movements with the power reserve included because I wanted something more for the limited edition

We ended up with a New movement with power reserve at 3H, new dial inspired by the season, new decoration in the rotor, all black and numbered 01/08.

Any more on the Horizon?

Yes and I have decided to produce a certain amount of power reserve on the 7750 for the next LE because I sold the first watches in about 24hours

That then brings me to the latest piece “The Gold Edition” 

Some of you may know, or you may have a watch already with a hallmark on it somewhere, a hallmark of a St Bernard dog (amongst a couple of purity marks)

The Hallmark is swiss and means that certain parts are gold, and the purity mark next to it tells you the fineness – in this instance we know that Sebastian’s used 18k gold.

He was existing in my mind but then during a discussion with my wife she ask me, is it too expansive to make solid gold ?

Then I was starting to explore making a solid gold bezel and indexes and I decided to go in this direction. It was very interesting and exciting.

By very interesting, i mean very good value for money, I have decided do not take a margin on gold, I only add the price of materials and machining but no margin.

I want to give the opportunity for people to wear gold without selling a kidney.
So it’s a different style for the Duobox Classic dedicated to people who want to marry the elegance of the watch and the elegance of rose gold, the result is very good.

Every Gold Edition is stamped by the customs and certified. In switerland when you make solid gold you have to provide technical drawings for acceptance then send them the finished parts for analysis and official marking.

So at 6H there will have 3 small marking on the bezel, The Saint Bernard dog.

All indexes are machined in solid rose gold 18k too, I wanted the brillance of gold on the indexes, only the rotor and hands are PVD coated.

The result of course is exquisite, a must have for any serious collector of fine time pieces, and at FR.2,890 is an absolute bargain



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