Catching up with Vescari Watches post Kickstarter – Whats next?

A short while ago I came across Vescari Watches when they were being funded on Kickstarter. The heritage collection sports affordable chronographs with a clean classic design and needless to say they funded in October.
watchuseek 4
I contacted Jeroen Vrinzen the owner to ask a few questions to see how things are going,  how they went, and what is next.
Hi Jeroen, what have you been up to?
Our Watches have been sent out to our customers/backers beginning of March. After sending out the first batch, i have been very busy with getting all things running. Finding retailers to sell our watches, advertising, updating our website, new photos and most off all promoting the brand to the world of social media.
How many units did you make and sell?

During the Crowdfunding campaign and after it, we have sold our first batch of around 125-150 pieces. The factory required a minimum order of 300 pieces, so we have about 150 pieces extra to sell to our customers/ retailers. The Watches are limited to 250 pieces each color. So we have the option to sell max. 750 pieces of this beautiful collection.

foto4 watchfreeks
What are you working on now, what is next?
At the moment i’m working on a second collection that is hopefully planned to launch on KS at the end of this year. I will have a collection with a chronograph watch and a three hands watch. Maybe even in a men’s and ladies size.
Is this you full time job now?

At the moment Vescari Watches is not my source of income. My main job is at a Dutch Beer Brewery selling different kinds of quality beers in the retail chain.

Did you get much feedback?

The Feedback I got back from our backers and customers, that you can also find in the comments on KS is that everyone is pleasantly suprised about the pieces when they receive them. The quality is higher then they thought and the quality luxury wooden box is also a really nice touch.

Have you learned much from your experience?

I have learned a lot after the KS campaign. Not only about launching a watchbrand but also about crowdfunding.

A crowdfunding campaign is something you need to dedicate 24×7 too.  Its all about marketing and getting your campaign in front of as many people as possible.

Have you any advice for anyone thinking about a Kickstarter campaign?

Maybe more important than the crowdfunding campaign itself is the prelaunch period. It takes a long time and a lot of promotion to get the product noticed before launching it.

How have you dealt with warranty issues?

Our watches have a 24 month international warranty worldwide. When people have a problem with our watches, our watchmaker will try to fix the problems as soon as possible.  But normally our reliable Japanese movement won’t have any faults and can be worn for years and years with only changing the battery:)

Tell me about your movement choice?

I made the choice for this Seiko VK63 movement because its a really good movement and it combines the functionality of a quartz with the aesthetics of a mechanical one with its sweeping chrono hand.

Why the chrono?

I really like the sportive look of a chronograph. Most of the time I have the chrono running just to have something going on the dial.

How old are you now and what was your first watch?
I’m 29 years old and have always had a passion for watches. My first watch was a Swatch watch with a Mickey Mouse comic on the strap. After that the passion grew. Eventually I worked at TAG Heuer for a couple of years.
Like many other men, I think a watch is the only piece of jewelry a man should wear. I never go out the house without wearing a watch.
What do your wear?
At the moment I switch between my own Vescari Hertage Chronograph collection depending on the occasion.
Thank you, anything you would like to add?
I would like to offer your readers an extra discount on our watches from 20% with the following code VESCARI2017.

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