TNT’s Wakmann Racetimer Flyback Chrono – Collector Crowd-Purchase

Torsten Nagengast is making some beautiful watches as he always did, but this Wakmann is really ticking the boxes for styling and value, especially if 44 people buy the only 44 available.

These are the details he released on his Facebook page today….


Wakmann Racetimer Flyback Chrono – Collector Crowd-Purchase

 About the watch 

Dear friends, we’d like to present you the Wakmann Flyback Racetimer Chrono. These are the last pieces out of production from 2000-2006 with the Swiss BFG (Baumgartner) made in 1960’s. This model has been created to build a bridge between the long watchmaking history and the eventful era of car-racings and it’s a tribute to old-timer events and historical rallies. This watch doesn’t only show the time, it also combines the racing-time, time difference and the speed of the racing cars in its multifunctional dial! The historical Baumgartner movement turns this watch into a completely outstanding collector-piece.

🏁 Collector Crowd-purchase – Price racing 🏁

The whole project is about the last 44 special pieces which are going to be ready in the tightest timeframes (2-3 weeks). The price will depend on the quantity of inquiries we get with an unbelievable price range.
The public retail price for this watch is 1.550 EUR (incl. VAT).
In case we get 10 inquiries – the price will decrease to 880 EUR excl. VAT (30% discount)

The chance to double the discount:
44 and more inquiries – 499 EUR excl. VAT (unbeatable 60% discount!)

After two weeks we will count the inquiries and open the link to the discount purchase to the people who are listed. If the list is filled earlier, we’ll speed up the project.
After the payment is done, we’ll give you a choice of serial numbers. The earlier you order, the bigger choice you have! 🙂

Fill this web-form to leave your inquiry in case you’d like to purchase this watch for the lowest amount:
and share with your friends to beat down the price!

More info about the watch:
Technical details:…/racetimer-flyback-strong-lim…

Thank you for your support and for being with us,
TNT Team


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