One of those days when you find something great – Torsten Nagengast Timeline watches

I came across Torsten a month or so ago curtesy of Facebook, one of those “pages you may like” pop up boxes.

i16 TNT rear view

TNT doesn’t intend to be just another Microbrand for watches – instead we want to create a channel to bundle all our networks. Special watches, watch parts, components, single movements and complete stocks – accessible for every watch lover or professional.

Thats why TNT isn’t just another brand…
TNT grant access to sources, that specially business-outsiders would probably never reach.

Before I look at one of his current projects, I will share with you how Torsten describes himself and TNT watches..  this gives a brief glimpse into the movements inside his watches, and the design choices he makes.

Everything started with his deep passion for historical watches and the wish, to create his own collection of valuable wristwatches. As those days were – so far – free of any commercial consiterations, Torsten started to collect single timepieces, but yet rare and valuable. Even he liked to work as a mold construction specialist, he claimed to join his own business and become a specialist, again – a specialist in fantastic watches and watchmaking.
Torsten decided to join the trade business, selling high quality and rare watches. His first steps were hard (for a passionated collector) but necessary, tough, as he started to sell some of the best watches he could get – his own collection. That was the first step to establish oneself in this fascinating but hard business. Doing business in trading collectors watches got followed by new movements out of ETA productions – and later – new old stocks out of the 40´s and 60´s, too.

The i16 Pilot Watch

Easy to read, easy to navigate with, comfortable to wear

I really do like this watch, and the beauty is that as I write this post the watch is still under production for the initial run. The project was born via a Russian forum and is available in 3 different versions.

The i16 watch choices
1. I16 – AVIATOR with UNITAS movement
2. I16 – 1944 with original LACO / DUROWE Mechansim made in 1944
3. I16 – AVIATOR PRO with German made TNT Mechanism

It is safe to say that you would go a long way to find a watch being produced in 2016 that has an option of a 1944 LACO / DUROWE, but this is made possible by the very nature of who Torsten is.

The inspiration of the design for the Laco comes from the original dial from the aircraft as can be seen in this image.

original dial from the aircraft i16 TNT



The Basic Version with second at 12 o#Clock will also featured with the UNITAS mechansim. The model is called I16-Aviator. The Case Back will be closed.

The LACO Version is strong limited to 175 watches. There are not more movements available.
The Model name is I16-Aviator1944 because of the production year of the mechanism.
This model will have a open Case Back.

The third version is the inhouse made TNT mechansims M01. This model will have the second on 6 o´Clock. The Model name is I16-AviatorPRO. The movement will be visible because of open case back.

If you would like to view these watches in the shop (prices are being released soon) you can follow various links to get there:




In the meantime some more images from Torsten’s Facebook page,

bear in the mind the shots with a silvered sand blasted view are still in pre production and have not had the PVD coating yet.

Pictured also is the the original LACO movements made in 1944, each watch will come in the ORIGINAL OLD box and with original certificate out of 1944



TNT i16 Production shot TNT 116 Production test shot TNT i16 Production shot of the i16 rear view Luke shot of the i16

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