Rhyno Outfit Military Watches

I find the story of the Rhyno outfit watch inspiring, a long journey followed by a couple of very successful Kickstarters.

The watches themselves are hard to come across if not new, and I have not seen one for sale anywhere else. These are big watches, born from the military and some are definitely inspired by aviation.

Click here for Rhyno Outfit website

In 1999, The Rhyno Outfit was born at The National Training Center in California. The Outfit was started by avionics technician, now CEO Rico Adams, while serving in The United States Army. Fourteen years later, he used the small organizations name to create his first aviation/ military inspired watch, The Rubicon. 

Watch making, designing, and collecting have always peaked his interest, the natural progression after buying and selling many high end watches of his own collection led to the creation of the company. 

All Rhyno Outfit watches are designed with the same thought process, rugged, simple, quality crafted with elegant display to rival Swiss Made watches four times the price. 

His passion drives him to create pieces that many would love to own . All Rhyno Outfit collections are made with 300 pieces or less.


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