Watch brands to follow in 2019

2018 has been an exciting year for watch releases from young independent brands and 2019 is promising to be tantalising for new releases already if you follow the breadcrumbs of information left on social media.

This article is a glimpse into the “what is happening right now” with a select few of the many wonderful brands providing quality timepieces.

Orion Watches


The guy behind Orion is called Nick Harris, to understand the brand you can look at the man behind it. Nick started his passion for watches when he challenged himself to repair a family heirloom Omega Constellation (he needed a new hobby). The quest for knowledge led him to working on Seiko’s, SAWTA Watch school in Philadelphia, and ‘Watches by Nick’ was born. Over time this led onto ‘The Orion Watch Project’, and a stunning dress 38mm field watch.


Finally Nick as ‘Orion Watches’ released “The Calamity”, a beautiful, thin, ETA 2892 powered, rated to 666ft, ceramic bezelled, contoured back, 40mm, dive watch.


As the rest of us were sitting at home getting ready to count down the New Year clock to 2019 Nick was on social media hinting about things to come for this year with a 12 hour Steel bezel, and if you were interested enough to snoop around his website you noticed that the 12hr Steel bezel became a drop down option on his web shop.


Besides this recent change everything else is under wraps, but I imagine Nick will not be sitting around in 2019. His following grows constantly, and his hints on social media channels suggest that he has a strong need to constantly grow his skills and his tool kit. That only means one thing, inspiring and innovative future releases.

On his website you will find links to all his social media channels




Question: What do you get when you cross an Entrepreneur with a passion for aviation history, a highly respected brand influencer / horology consultant, and a successful watch industry expert operating at the CEO level?

Answer:  An exciting watch brand delivering innovative, creative, ‘life long’ time pieces that draw on aviation as a design influence.


After a successful brand launch with C47 series and the Air Defender range, the Tockr team (Austin, Sophy and Serge) launched the “D-Day” (nick named ‘Thats All Brother’)

“On June 6th 1944, a C-47 aircraft leads the charge into Normandy, emblazoned with foretoken message to Hitler. “That’s All, Brother” became an important part of American history on D-Day.

The Tockr D-Day C-47 watch uses rescued material from the storied paratrooper transport as the foundation for its dial. Each dial bears the genuine markings of its past, and is completely unique in appearance.

Proceeds from each purchase will go towards the CAF, helping fund the restoration of historic aircraft for future generations.”

The ETA 2824-2 powered timepiece offers a choice of dial finish type, clean cut, stamped, and hard worn. The watch uses a 42mm cushion case, Anti-glare sapphire crystal. Each watch comes with two straps: A drab green strap made from canvas webbing, and a more formal brown leather band.


So what is coming in 2019? all we can do is surmise, look the facts, and use our imagination.

Tockr has formed a successful relationship with the CAF with the D-Day, Tockr love vintage aviation inspired timepieces, the team are not afraid to be bold. with all this taken in to consideration I know what I am thinking, time will tell, and I can not wait.

Social media links are found at the bottom of their website

Website Link




A long story shortened

  • Ikepod Launched in 1994 with Marc Newson designing watches that would inspire watches to come by their size, design and features.
  • The brand use high end materials throughout their designs and command a premium retail price for a lot of the models.
  • After various up and downs over the years from the watch artisan the brand closes its doors in 2012.
  • 2017 the brand relaunches with a new team and new business model.
  • Emmanuel Gueit joins the team designing dials.
  • 2018 The crowd funding campaigns launch.
  • May 2019 – the first models will launch with their owners.

The models so far from Ikepod are the 44mm Chronopod and the 42mm Duopod. If you did not know this, Ikepod’s wear and feel smaller than they are because of their design, a 42mm watch feels like a 39mm watch, a 44mm watch feels like a 41mm. (Often described as the most comfortable watches to wear).

Both models are being launched with a Miyota Quartz movement.


For the first part of 2019 we know what is going to happen, the watches bought on pre order will be delivered to their owners, and the public will feedback all over social media. The next steps however are subject to guess work at this stage, but I have seen comments of social media that suggest mechanical movements may be inside some future releases towards the end of 2019.

When you look at the mission statement from the brand online anything is possible, and it is guaranteed to be exciting, and affordable for collectors.

Ikepod watches were brilliant but expensive. Our watches are still designed, developed and rationalized in Switzerland, now proudly made in Hong Kong by the best premium and luxury watches workshop. We had rationalized conception to offer you an affordable price.

Social Media links can be found at the bottom of their website

Website Link




When Sebastien Muller Brellum launched he started off with the Duobox, then came the Limited Editions (LE1 & LE2), The Pandial, The Wyvern limited edition, and then the Wyvern Classic ‘Petite Seconde’. All of this has given the brand a versatile and distinct brand image with a reputation for classic design, very well made, COSC certified watches.

His fan base is growing daily, not just for his designs and attention to detail, but because of his love of horology and his willingness to follow his own path.


In 2019 there are many directions Sebastien can go, mainly because he studies a concept and slowly discovers all of its facets (like a cut diamond emerging from its raw state). I am excited to see where Brellum goes in 2019, because I know I will be looking on in awe.

Social Media links are hard to find on The Brellum website so I will do the work for you.

Website link




Other brands to follow

NTH Watches – Stands for “Nod To History”, and as the name suggests Chris Vail and his team create historically inspired watches at an affordable price that sell out quickly when released.

nth watches

Website Link


Klynt Watches – A swiss brand, they use Swiss watch movements and have a unique design style. Their second crowd funding campaign was not successful, but I am hoping they return with style in 2019.

klynt watches

Website Link


Straton Watch Co. – Vintage racing inspired timepieces, including rumoured bull head designs for 2019. Beautiful classic design.

Straton Syncro Chronograph

Website Link


Sartory Billard – Interchangeable bezel designs allow you to customise their watches to suit you mood or look.


Website Link

Arcturus Watches – A singapore brand created by Alexander Ian Loh, that has a very distinctive design style unlike any other.


Website Link

DiRenzo Watches – Italian design at its finest. A growing fan base daily.


Website Link

Closing comments

Lying in bed last night I had the idea for this post in the closing phases of 2018, it is a nod to all those guys out there that are brave enough to commit and take the gamble to bring us wearable Objet D’Art.

This is only a small sample, and apologies if you have been missed, but Happy New Year to you all.



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