The DHodge 2824F, a glimpse into time, available to order.

Part of the process of admiring watches is exploring the history of growth and development of design. For me the appreciation of a design is beyond images and video, it is a tactile process, so I make myself one.

I keep saying to people, you can explain what acrylic plexiglass is like until you are blue in the face, but they will not ‘get it’ until they find themselves wearing a watch with acrylic and subconsciously touching the warmth that comes from it whilst doing something else.

dhodge 2824F - 3

The design style of the 2824F is obviously taken from the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms circa 1953 onwards, the automatic movement however has a modern twist with a swiss ETA 2824 on board. You may be aware that I make other watches featuring vintage movements, but I believe a watch chooses a movement when it is being created, and this one choose a modern Swiss movement.

The Lume has been hand applied over the printed dial, it is the way it used to be done, and I like it for this series. The same lume has been applied to the hands for consistency.

The dial is signed as is the inside of the case back, and the watch is running within COSC standards and is guaranteed for a year at least.

dhodge 2824F - 9dhodge 2824F - 10

The case was made (not by me) to be close to the original, so features an inner cage. The ‘glass’ is plexiglass acrylic for its warmth to touch, and the piece measures 42mm without crown. The strap is a vintage style leather strap 22mm fitting.

dhodge 2824F - 13

dhodge 2824F - 5

dhodge 2824F - 7dhodge 2824F - 12

This watch completes my making exploration of dive watches from the past, for others please see the ‘Watches For Sale’ tab above.

dhodge 2824F - 6

Available / built to order

please use the contact form to enquire

The watched is priced at £575 plus shipping, please contact me for further information.

dhodge 2824F - 14dhodge 2824F - 11dhodge 2824F - 2dhodge 2824F - 1


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