DHodge AS1700 (SPH) model dive with vintage inspirations – Sold out

This watch was a moment of inspiration that had to made once thought. It measures just over 40mm including crown.

It started its life as a spinnaker watch, and was then dismantled until only the case was left, everything else was discarded. (Strap, movement, dial, hands, crown). It was then reassembled with a custom hand finished dial, new hands, a vintage AS1700 (A Schild) automatic movement that has been fully serviced. The 1700 hundred model is a beautiful 25 jewel lower beat automatic movement from the 60’s, that was often seen inside the higher end dive watches.

dhodge 1700SPH AS1700 movement - 8

dhodge 1700SPH AS1700 movement - 7

The crown was replaced with crown more fitting of the vintage era and the watch is finished with an Italian leather brown strap. Finally the mineral glass in the display back was replaced to give a clear view of the movement.

dhodge watches for sale as1700 - 28dhodge watches for sale as1700 - 11dhodge watches for sale as1700 - 29


For a final touch the watch is delivered with a hand made Horween Leather travel pouch.

This watch is currently reserved

The watch is £350 plus shipping

*Accuracy on vintage movements is +/-30seconds per day or better

Please Contact me for any enquiry



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